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MotherWit Postpartum Doula FAQs

Q: What is a postpartum doula?
A: A postpartum doula is a woman who tends to the informational, emotional, and comfort needs of the new mother and her family.  The few weeks after childbirth are incredible, magical...and intense!  Having the wise support of an experienced woman who can give advice on  breastfeeding, babycare, and ease the discomforts of the postpartum woman is invaluable.  A postpartum doula does everything possible to ensure you have the space to bond with your baby. She will do light housework, childcare, and meal preparation, work to improve breastfeeding, and make sure you are rested and nourished.

Q: I know that postpartum doulas advocate attachment parenting and breastfeeding.  What if I want to feed my baby with a bottle sometimes and want to have my baby sleep in a crib in his own room?
A: MotherWit postpartum doulas respect your parenting choices.  There is no one way to raise a baby.  Whatever makes you feel happy and sane is usually what's right for you.  Our mandate is to have you enjoy your postpartum period, making sure you get the rest and nourishment you need to have the stamina to do the intensive mothering required of a newborn..or two.

Q: I have a lot of questions about my birth, and want to be able to talk about my experience.  Can my postpartum doula help me with this?
A: MotherWit postpartum doulas will absolutely listen to your birth story, answer your questions as best they can, and help you process your experience. Putting your birth in perspective is an important aspect of postpartum healing, and allows you to create more emotional space to bring to the mothering experience.

Q: Can a postpartum doula help me with depression?
A: Postpartum doulas are not therapists, and cannot treat depression, but they are trained to recognize the signs.  She can provide resources for you to receive treatment, and nurture you at home while you are healing, helping you to gain confidence in mothering your baby.

Q: Can a postpartum doula help me with breastfeeding problems?
A: A MotherWit postpartum doula helps to support normal breastfeeding.  She can give you tips on overcoming basic problems.  If these issues persist, she can provide resources for lactation consultants.  Using nurturing, loving encouragement is the postpartum doula's way of helping you gain confidence to breastfeed your baby.

Q: Can a postpartum doula examine me or my baby if I have a health concern?
A: While a MotherWit postpartum doula is aware of many of the challenges that arise in postpartum mothers and babies, any health concern needs to be addressed by your primary caregiver or a CLSC nurse.

Q: I will be having my mother stay with me for a month after birth.  My husband also does not have to back to work for awhile.  Would a postpartum doula still be helpful?
A: Yes!  A postpartum doula specializes in promoting mother/infant bonding and bonding with other family members.  She can help  everyone have more time to enjoy the new baby.  The postpartum doula educates family members on how to care for the new mother and baby in ways that will help this precious unit have the best Babymoon possible.  She will help the family understand the mother's needs, and guide them to support her in establishing her confidence in her new role as Mother the way she feels is best for her and her baby.

Q: I am having twins!  Can you help me?
A:Postpartum doulas are often quite experienced with twins.  A mother's need for rest, nourishment, and support are even greater with twins.  The  postpartum doula becomes the new mother's extra arms until she has the strength and confidence to care for the babies on her own.

Q: What is the diffence between a baby nurse and a postpartum doula?
A: A baby nurse focuses solely on the baby.  A postpartum doula helps the family be more independent about caring for the newborn.  She is available for the mother as well as the rest of the family, to help them nurture the the mother, nourish themselves, and enjoy having a new member of the family.

Q: How much time does the postpartum doula spend with us?
A: This is dependent upon your situation and needs.  A new mother may want this nourishing care throughout her entire month long postpartum recovery.  An experienced mother may just want a few days of help getting some rest, as womens' stay in hospital after birth is very short.  If you need overnight care, your doula can occasionally be available for that as well, though it is important to keep in mind she facilitates your mothering with confidence and independence...she will not take up the role of a baby nurse.  she will tend to your and your family's night time needs related to bonding with and feeding your baby.

Q: How much does a postpartum doula cost?
This will depend upon how much time you will need with your postpartum doula.  MotherWit Postpartum Doula Packages range from $300 for an overnight stay to $1200 for the more intensive care package.

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