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A postpartum doula is a woman who promotes the crucial bonding between Mother and Baby as well as the mother/baby unit with the rest of the family.  She does so by anticipating the needs of each individual woman and her baby.

In many cultures, when a woman gives birth, she spends her pospartum period of about six weeks sequestered with her newborn from the rest of her community, cared for by other women.  She is fed special foods, often massaged daily, is prescribed strengthening herbs, and is made to rest as much as possible.  After this time, fully healed from the physical and emotional challenges of the childbearing year, the mother is again integrated into society with her baby.

In our Western Culture, there is great emphasis upon achievement.  A new mom is considered most successful when she is able to do as many things as she can as soon after birth as possible.  If her baby is nursing without issue, she is impeccably turned out (no spit up stains visible upon her shoulders), her post-baby belly Pilate-ed to perfection, she can fit into her pre-pregnancy jeans, she is working several hours per day, she has fabulous, sexy dates with her partner, her baby sleeps the night through in a crib, her home is spotless, the older kids well behaved, and nutritious meals cooked every night of the week, THEN the mother  is considered to be doing well on all accounts.  This cultural expectation is, obviously, never lived up to, often leaving women feeling down, like they are not doing a good job with managing their lives. 


We at MotherWit believe in encouraging a woman to immerse herself into her BabyMoon.  This precious newborn period, rich in discovery and emotions, goes far too fast.  We feel the more helpful, supportive care a new mother receives during this time, the more fully she heals and joyfully embraces her new identity. Newborn babies have newborn moms and dads.  It is a learning process for everyone, and an environment of gentle support nourishes this process best.


It is known that a happy, well balanced woman is at the heart of a happy home.  While new motherhood has its challenges due to its transitional nature, it is a time that should hopefully be filled with large portions of awe and joy.  Yet there is a fundamental lack of nurturing in the modern woman's experience of new motherhood, and it is our belief this may be at the root of many cases of postpartum depression. Many women don't live near their mothers, and their partners, as loving as they may be, often have to return to work soon after the birth.  It is also challenging for a brand new dad, who is himself sleep deprived and craving time to spend with his baby and partner,  to meet all the needs of the family, especially if he is working out of the home throughout the day.  The father's need for rest and nourishment needs to be honoured as well, as he is usually the primary support person for the mother/baby unit.

The new mother is often on her own throughout much of the day to care for her newborn's and her own needs, as well as those of the home, work, and other children.  Without the feeling of well being that comes from being physically and emotionally nourished, rested, and having ample time to bond with her new baby, it can be very hard for a woman to have any energy for nurturing the other important relationships in her life.

The postpartum doula's role is to nurture the new mother and her family.  She strives to keep things as simple as possible for the mother so she can focus all her energy on either bonding with her baby, or taking some crucial rest time to restore herself.  The doula is a sounding board for the fledgling hopes and dreams of the brand new mother, a dryer of frequent postpartum tears, and a source of great comfort. MotherWit postpartum doulas have training and experience in supporting the many needs of the new mother.  They are women who are passionate about serving new and growing families, and are rich sources of mothering wisdom.

Doulas do not provide clinical care, so any health concerns of Mother and Baby should be brought to a primary caregiver.

The following are some of the skills the MotherWit Postpartum Doula uses to flexibly support the daily needs of the new mother and her family:

  • excellent non-judgemental listening skills – new mothers need to talk through some of their powerful feelings connected with their births and new babies
  • knowledge of holistic postpartum healing tools
  • basic breastfeeding support skills, and knowledge of when it is essential to call in a lactation professional
  • baby minding while Mom has a shower, nap, walk, or time with older children
  • nutritional advice and meal/snack preparation
  • engaging older children in activities to give Mom time with baby
  • information, education, and support for all kinds of babycare concerns, from cloth diapering to baby wearing
  • help in organizing the home to create the greatest ease for the new parents
  • light household chores
  • basic relaxation massage for Mother and Baby
  • knowledge of community resources

As we begin to shift our awareness from always trying to do and achieve right after birth to taking time to simply be with and discover our babies and ourselves as new mothers, we contribute to providing a gentler beginning of life to our future generation.  We allow ourselves to release the image of SuperMom as the gold standard of mothering, and inspire other mothers to do the same.

Meet the MotherWit Postpartum Doula

Lesley Everest

I am Montreal based Post-partum Doula and Mom of two. I have been working as a doula and Mommy-supporter for many years.

Having a baby, whether it is the first or fourth, is a magical and life-changing experience. You never know what every new day will bring, and you anticipate it with great enthusiasm.  I believe that rest and nourishment are the two vehicles that will carry Mom and Baby through the first few months together. Everything else will fall into place around these two things. That is why I decided to offer this service to Moms, because as a Mom myself, I know that the first months and the support I got during that magical time, made all the difference in the world.

My philosophy is simple: take care of Mom and Baby and all the things that can sometimes interfere with these crucial bonding months.  My task as a care-giver is to aid this beautiful process in any way possible. In other words, I am an extra set of hands and eyes, another nurturer, another extension of Mom.

I am well-versed in Naturopathy/Homeopathy and many other holistic methods of healing. I am currently in the process of getting my Naturopathy certification at the NHC in Montreal. These practices compliment each other tremendously, and help not only my clients, but myself throughout this journey. I also do Mommy and Baby massage, in order to ease tensions and re-energize!

I am co-developing a MotherWit Postpartum Doula Training, dates of which will be announced in the near future.

I look forward to building a strong network of incredible families here in Montreal, and establishing a solid foundation for Moms everywhere to find support.

Please visit our Postpartum FAQ for more information.


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