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* Meet the Doulas
A note from Lesley, MotherWit's founder:

I have in recent years been taking on 50 to 65 clients per year.  The demand continues to grow as the benefit of doula care becomes more widely known.  As keeping up with these numbers has become impossible on my own, and because I hate to see anyone who wants good doula care go without, I created the MotherWit Doula Care team.  The intention of this collective is to provide each of our clients with the care of a community of doulas.  When one of us needs to take time off around the time one of our clients goes into labour, we are secure in knowing she will be in the care of a doula she is familiar with through our Doula Soiree gatherings and Birth Essentials Prenatal Classes.

Our need for support as doulas is also met by working collectively.  We hold regular meetings to review cases, update each other on important client information, and work together to continually improve the care we provide.  Doulas are constantly continuing their education and updating their knowledge; the more resources we share with each other, the more we have to offer.

I strongly believe that a community of support paves the way to happy parenting and happy doula-ing.  Motherwit's goal is to ensure all expecting and new parents receive the support they need, have a place to meet other moms and dads, learn about relevant community resources, and feel free to share their concerns and experiences.

I have put together a team of women whom I have had the privilege of training as students, and now work with as esteemed colleagues.  I have attended births with all of them, and trust your birth experience will be enriched by the presence of any one of them.  They come from various backgrounds, and all share a passion for supporting moms, dads, and babies.  I am proud to introduce the MotherWit doulas



Meet the Doulas

Lesley Everest

Like many doulas, motivated by my own experience of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding, I became passionate about helping women give birth. I received my doula training in 1993 with ALACE, and have been attending births ever since.

My life's work is to provide supportive, non clinical care to birthing women and their families, and my continuing education has focused on enriching my skill set to do so to the best of my ability.  Providing respectful, knowledgeable, and compassionate support to couples transitioning into the tender new role of “mother” and “father” , and helping babies begin life in an atmosphere of welcome and peace is immeasurably rewarding.

I am a former La Leche League Leader, a Pre- and Perinatal Massage Practitioner, and professionally trained in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy.  I am also a birth and postpartum doula trainer.

My years of being a doula have provided me with experience with many different situations. I have worked with and am sensitive to the needs of teenage mothers, single mothers, same sex couples, surrogate mothers and the parents, twin parents, VBAC (several after more than one C-section), as well as a variety of religions and cultures, and  mothers/fathers with various health challenges.

I am a wife and mother, blessed with two daughters and two sons, ranging in age from preschooler to young adult.   I have had the privilege of tending to hundreds of pregnant, birthing, and breastfeeding women.  I hope to continue this work as well as teaching and writing for many years.  I look forward to publishing my first book, entitled Choosing Wisely: A Doula's Guide to a Happy Birth Day in 2010.  My goal is to become a have the honour of attending the births of some of the grown up baby girls and partners of the baby boys I have helped into the world.

Doula Kimberley MacKenzie

Throughout my life I have had a strong natural desire to care for others.  This desire has manifested itself in many ways.  Through volunteer work, activism, and advocacy for a variety of causes I sought to make a positive difference.  I have always held a special place in my heart for children and families, which led me to work as a nanny for most of my life. 

In the winter of 2007, I was honoured to attend the birth of a dear friend’s first child.  In this moment I knew what direction my life would take.  I began training as a doula during the fall of 2008.  I received my training through Holistic Perinatal Associates in Montreal. 

Becoming a Doula has been a wonderful journey for me, one I continue on as every family teaches me new lessons.

As a Doula I am passionate about natural birth, it is a process I deeply trust and respect.  Even more essential to my work is a belief that every woman should have compassionate, loving and knowledgeable support during pregnancy, labor and birth, no matter what road she chooses. I find great joy and take pride in providing this to every woman and family I work with.

Doula - Steph Bouris

I have had a career in community development and maternal child health for the past 10 years. I have lived and worked in Tanzania, Rwanda, the Philippines and Guyana. Since moving to Montreal in 2006, I have been coordinating a national research study on health outcomes of migrant women who give birth in Canada.

I received my doula training with Holistic Perinatal Associates, and bring my international and research experiences together as a doula. I provide evidence-based information to assist in making informed decisions that clients can feel confident about. During birth, I use a hands-on approach with a combination of Reiki, massage, therapeutic touch, and aromatherapy.

Lesley Everest

I came into motherhood at the age of 24, and was the first of my friends to experience this milestone. I was happy to share my big belly and fears and dreams with everyone who would listen, and after I had my baby, people began coming to me, referred by common friends and acquaintances, to talk about birth and postpartum. I felt that holding that safe and sacred space for women and couples to come and ask me anything they wanted, address any fears and anxieties, and gather information about what kind of birth they wanted to have, was a gift that surpassed any other. I always felt that being held in a supportive space empowers people and allows for magic to unfold; the true capacity and strength of the human spirit to come through. 
In the last 4 years, I have turned my attention exclusively to Doula work, after a rich career travelling and using Drama therapy to reach disadvantaged populations in many different countries. I work as a Postpartum Doula as well as a Birth doula, and joining the Motherwit collective has been a great honor, as well as a return to the roots I feel that we have somewhat lost. This community is enriching and supportive to all, not only the beautiful clients we serve.
Through this work, I have been inspired to read and study, take courses and mainly live and experience BIRTH as its fullest and most raw and truthful self. Having worked with hundreds of wonderful families, my experience is something that continues to fuel my desire to learn and listen.
I am currently in the process of becoming a Homeopath; another piece of the intriguing tapestry that is Birth and Postpartum care.
I have two children, age 14 and 9, and it is through their births and lives that I have been moved to truly step into the role that is my heart’s calling.



My path to doula work began soon after the birth of my second child. I experienced an empowering birth and ever since I've felt pulled to help other mothers and their partners navigate the path towards their own fulfilling birth experiences.

I am a mother of two and am blessed to have a very supportive partner. For 8 years my work was as a stay-at-home mother, this period of my life taught me more than I ever could have imagined. I hold a BA in Psychology and Sociology and I've trained as a Nourri-Source breastfeeding mentor and have taken the WHO/UNICEF Training Course in Breastfeeding. I am a certified MotherWit Birth Doula.

I believe birth is a normal event in a woman's life; it is a rite of passage and not a medical incident. The arrival of a child can be one of the most empowering, healing, and fulfilling periods in a woman's life. My goal as your doula is to help you prepare for your labour and birth and to then support you as you welcome new life. Of course, sometimes labour does not go as we expect, my hope is that no mother feels lost in the medical system but that she will feel informed, supported, nurtured and loved throughout her labour and at the moment her child is born.


The birth of my son in 2003 was an empowering experience. At all times during my labour, it was clear that everyone in the room trusted my body to do what was needed to bring my baby into the world. My baby was born in water, into his father's hands, and afterwards I felt powerful, I felt transformed, I felt more alive than I ever had before.

The more I spoke to my friends and acquaintances about their birthing experiences, the more I realized that my story was in the minority. So many women feel that they had very little control over their birth, that medical interventions were inflicted upon them without anyone explaining the consequences and without being told of alternate measures. They felt that they were delivered of their babies instead of birthing them actively, and their partners often felt helpless to offer comfort or intervene. I felt a pressing need to make a real difference in our birth culture.

I am a MotherWit certified doula, and have also taken the WHO/UNICEF Breastfeeding Training course. My goal as a doula is to imbue pregnant women—and their partners—with the information, confidence, and emotional and physical support they need to ensure that they are able to make empowered choices during pregnancy and childbirth, to trust in themselves and their bodies, and ultimately to birth their babies triumphantly—even in the face of unexpected challenges. This is the best start to a new family that I can imagine: not from a place of emotional trauma, but from a place of power and joy.


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